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My big girl pants didn't fit today.  And quite frankly, I just didn't want to put them on, they are tight and pinching me.  I am tired, and I am weary.

This week has been filled with visits to the hospital,  visiting  Rehab facilities, Dr's offices, a Pharmacy, banks, lawyers, accountants (Dad's office) clothes shopping, cleaning 20 years of dirt, and a mound of laundry (truly a Mound!) 

So today, my big girl pants just didn't fit.  After the morning visit at the Rehab, another trip shopping to try and find some clothes that would fit,  another load of laundry, I found that I was  exhausted and needing rest and a mental break.  When at home, I love a Sunday afternoon nap, curled up with a good Christian novel, escaping through the pages to experience another place and time.  Rest came this afternoon through the pages of a well written novel and a solid nap.

Writing and watching the brilliant oranges and pinks of the sun setting over the lake at my brother's house  with the calico cat that came with the house laying beside me and reflecting on the past week.

I am reminded of all of the people that have touched my life this week.  The bigger than life receptionist at the hospital with her stylish golden hair against rich cocoa skin. Thelma, greeted me with a bright smile and kind word every time I walked in. Kayla, a daytime CNA, who is a petite spitfire with a long blond ponytail and an authoritative gentleness, she chose her profession well.  The adorable "candy strippers" (I am sure that is not what they are called now, but they were back in the day) 70 plus year old ladies with Fiona Headbands and brightly colored bows adorning them, that offered a word of encouragement and a magazine to pass the time.

And then, I encountered some crabby and not so nice people that probably should have chosen different professions, one not dealing with people all of the time.

I strive to have a smile on my face and be one of those people that make a positive impact during an encounter, like Kayla or Thelma or the little old ladies handing out magazines.  But, I am sure there are days that I fall into the Crabby category and shouldn't be around people.

With God's grace, I can start over, put on my "Big girl" pants,  be Joyful and make a positive difference in someone or a 100 someone's life today!



06/07/2016 2:17pm

This is a good reminder to choose to be one of the ones who brighten the world instead of darken it. We have to be intentional about it, as you say. Thank you!

06/07/2016 2:57pm

Loved this. I so get it . . . some days, no matter what, the "big girl pants" just don't fit!!!

Gail cartee
06/07/2016 6:51pm

DaLee, thank you for reminding me that every day is an opportunity to be a positive example of Christ. It's not always easy, but it is always important.

06/11/2016 1:00pm

Thanks for the reminder that I can be a smiling face to someone who needs encouragement. I don't want to be the crabby one, but sometimes I am. Great words to ponder today!

07/20/2016 9:50am

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12/23/2016 3:15am

Do you really have so many children? Teacher, mom...you're an amazing women!

06/02/2017 1:56pm

I understand your feelings. But I don't think you should worry much about it.

06/04/2017 5:27am

I think you need to relax and have some days free of everything. If you're tired, you need it so much!


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