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How often do we (and yes, I am including myself in this statement) Rush right past moments in life?  Much of our time is spent scheduled out and we are rushing to the next thing, checking that task off of our to do list.  How many Joyful moments do we miss because of trying to stay on schedule?  I almost missed a very special interaction and this beautiful rose last week.  

I was traveling for business in California and wanted to get my walk in before I left my hotel.  My hotel was backed up to a residential area, but I didn't know the area, so I am cautious not to get too far away.  As I was walking, I decided to go over 2 streets instead of just one. (a crazy decision)  A few houses down, an older gentlemen was testing his sprinkler system and motioned for me to stop and he would turn off the sprinklers so I could walk on the sidewalk.  My response was "no worries, I can walk in the street".  As I was about 2/3 of the way past his house, I threw over my shoulder to him,  "Your yard is beautiful", he answered, "no not really, not yet".  And this is the moment I almost missed because I was checking the box, of having my exercise done for the day.  I stopped and went back and engaged him in conversation just for a few minutes.  We talked about the deep rich color of his rose bushes.  AND, that is when my blessing came, He went over to the rose bush, pulled shears out of his back pocket, cut the Rose for me and brought it back and handed it to me.

That Rose traveled through several cities in CA and then home with me to Kingwood.  When I checked into a new hotel or went through airport security,  it was an opportunity for me to share the Joyful story with the valet attendant, the desk clerk, TSA and other people that commented on the beautiful rose.  

A few minutes of slowing down and a conversation with an older gentleman has allowed me to Experience Joy over and over again.  And I hope that I was able to bring him a bit of joy as well.  

I hope that I can remember to slow down and Experience the Joy that each day brings! 



07/18/2016 11:27am

You have written a good article. You were able to point out details and I agree with what I have read. Today we live in a world wherein it is very much fast paced. It is like we are on a ticking time bomb from the time we get ready to go to work until the time we have to be at home. I believe that once in a while, it is important to slow down, take a deep breath, and reflect on life.

02/13/2017 1:33am

I agree with this post. We are always running out of time to follow our schedules in a day and not appreciating our surroundings. I'm experiencing this right now, having a fast pace and not a single minute to slow down. Because I will be late for the deadline of the work, I like that you see this kind of moments in reality. I hope many people will read this and a realize that they are missing some of the joyful moments in their life. Thanks for posting this, glad that I read this and make me realize that making slowed down and appreciate something will have myself a joyful moment.


Thank you for reminding me that life is too short to overly spend on things that don't really matter. I read a book before on how to live fully and funny it had what they call the "rose exercise". It asks you to stare at a rose for fifteen to thirty minutes and enjoy looking at every millimeter of it. It can really clear your head. Clear enough to let the beautiful things inside.

10/09/2016 12:06pm

You are right. I don't want to miss such joyful moments of my life.

11/01/2016 6:13am

Very beautiful rose! Cool deep colors!
Like your post so much! Have the similar thoughts ;)

11/12/2016 1:47am

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11/13/2016 12:48am

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11/13/2016 1:39am

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11/17/2016 6:34am

Your article had me something to reflect upon. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life more meaningful. We have to take each day at a time and enjoy every moment of it. It’s important to share our time with family, relatives, friends, and neighbors as much as we still can. There’s no turning back of time once we missed out on the best days.

04/03/2017 7:27am

04/11/2017 5:17am

Now I understand what you mean... Thank you.

05/09/2017 5:06am



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