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Every year around this time, I think about what is Valentine's Day really?  A commercial revenue stream?
A day to buy pricey flowers?
A day to give/receive cute valentines?
A day to buy those wonderful chocolate hearts?
A day that makes those without a "Valentine" hate?

I think all of those can be correct depending on our season in life.  It can be a great day, where you feel loved, it can be superficial, where you kinda feel loved, it can be a tough day, a day that you don't feel loved.

For many years, as a happily married woman for 32 years, I would anxiously anticipate Valentine's day.  I would be so hopeful that whatever my husband bought, candy, flowers a beautiful card with a nice love message would make me fill loved. However, many times I was woefully disappointed and I didn't feel loved on Valentine's day.  Don't get me wrong, I know my husband loves me lots, however, on the one day set aside by the calendar for me to feel loved I didn't.  Then, I went through a period that I absolutely hated Valentine's day and didn't want to celebrate at all.  It was just easier than the disappointment.

But, in recent years instead of looking to my loved ones to fill my Valentine's day need, I have looked to God.  He loves me (and You) more than anyone earthly person could possibly love us.  And He doesn't disappoint!  We are told in 1 John 3:1, "How Great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God!" (NIV).  When we look to God, He doesn't disappoint. He lavishes His love on us and He can handle the pressure of providing the perfect Valentine's day!  Don't look to others for your Valentine's day love,  look to the Creator of the universe.  

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    DaLee J Kicker

    So many things define me... married to the love of my life for 32 years, mom to 5 plus one (a son-in-love), a bible study teacher, a full time professional, and now a published Author.

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